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The Faculty of regional development and international studies (FRRMS) was founded in 2008 as the fifth faculty of Mendel University in Brno. The reason for its establishing was raising importance of the regional dimension of social and economic life which projects into regional, national and international economics. There was a necessity to prepare a new type of academically educated specialists equipped by the complex of knowledge and skills to participate on problems solving of balanced economic and social development of the regions and strengthen the economic position and social coherence of countries both in European and worldwide context to fulfil the social demand on education of specialist in the field of developing countries.

The Faculty with its thematic and programme profile focused on internationalization and increasing of the study excellence grants its high attractiveness both in national and international context of education and science. It reflects the request of systematic and complex preparation of academically educated specialist able to accept and react rapidly on changes of national and international environment in the context of global and regional development. It ensures the finding of employment of its graduates and their prestige in business and production, consulting, state and public administration, tertiary and non-profit sphere as in EU institutions and other international organizations.

FRRMS currently offers the study in eight study programmes with appropriate study fields in bachelor and master degree.

Study programme Regional development with the study field Socioeconomic and environmental development of regions taught in Czech and English reacts on increasing demand and concrete necessity of academically educated specialists with the ability to work on qualified, specialized, expert and manager positions in the field of complex socioeconomic and environmental development of the region, with the awareness about global and local situation and conditions of regional development politics development and the ability to find employment in business and public administration.

Study programme International territorial studies with the study field International Development Studies in English. The study programme is focused on preparation of specialists with the complex knowledge about the problems of developing world, with the ability to identify the causes of evolution and persistence of these problems, evaluate them and suggest solutions. For this reason they are aware about financing of development cooperation, social and political geography, socioeconomic demography, international business law and about the causes and consequences of global production networks development, including global environmentalism, foreign politics and diplomacy. At the same time the students gain concrete and practical knowledge about current problems of the selected region of developing world, e.g. Africa, South or South-East Asia and South America to be ready to elaborate development projects.

With its results, research, active participation in international cooperation and other development activities of scientists and teachers in regional public administration offices and business practice of FRRMS it fulfil the vision and global conception of economic, social and environmental orientation of the faculty. Particular departments of the faculty permanently develop their knowledge base of theory and methodology thanks to the scientific and research activities, advisory work and cooperation with decisive sphere, responding to rural and urban areas development convocations about the use of landscape, revitalization and humanization as the precondition and prerequisite of regional development.

In accordance to its profile FRRMS considers all fields of internalization intensifying as the basic condition of sustainability and education development in Europe. The faculty with its activity contribute not only to maintain the contacts with academic departments in Europe but also in overseas countries.

This type of activities and establishing of contacts is considered as the current priority of the faculty where education and research has to competitive internationally and offer the opportunity to cooperate on EU programmes and other international projects. It is one of the most important preconditions for holding its position in the dynamic developing process and responding to modern educational and research trends.