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Bachelor Studies

Type of study: Bachelor

Study programme: Regional Development

Field of tudy: Regional Development 

Form of study: full-time


This field of study is intended for students who are interested in the problems of regional development. In addition to this basic area, the students also have a possibility to specialize in business or public administration. During the course of study, they will gain knowledge which will help them find jobs at managerial positions, in the area of public administration or focus on their own business activity.

Specialization: Business / Public Administration


Academic year

Number of applicants

Number of admitted students

Success rate






1 346




1 174









* Maximální počet přijímaných studentů

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Další informace:

Regional Development

Type of study: bachelor

Study : B-MTS International Territorial Studies

Field of Study: B-MTS-MRS International Development Studies

Forma studia: full-time

Studijní jazyk: Czech

Charakteristika oboru:

This field of study is intended for students interested in international relations, especially in the problems of developing countries. During the course of study students will also be familiarized with the area of regional development, which will allow them to find jobs at positions dealing with the aforementioned problems.

Specialization: Global development


Academic year Number of applicants Number of admitted students Success Rate
2009/2010 611 68 11,1
2010/2011 787 103 13,1
2011/2012 728 146 20,1
2012/2013* 100

* Maximum number of admitted students

Leaflet with information about this field of study can be downloaded here.

Additional information

International Development Studies

Master Continuing Study

International development studies


Type of study: master continuing study

Study programme: International Development Studies

Field of study: International Development Studies

Form of study: full-time study

Language of study: Czech


The object of study is to prepare the graduates for both individual activity and team work in the field of international development, with special emphasis on problems of the developing world, meeting the demanding criteria expected from executive and conceptual employees dealing with international projects. Graduates will acquire the abilities to identify decisive factors and directions of development in the developing world in general and international context, assess casual links of origin and existence of developing world problems and suggest solutions, including crisis situations, project suggested solutions to these problems into projects of development aid with regards to the environmental impact of decisions in broader context. Graduates will also gain concrete practical knowledge of current problems in the selected region (Africa, South and Southeast Asia or Latin America) and they will be ready to create projects of development cooperation with emphasis on their selected region.

Graduates will find jobs mostly in national and multinational institutions, organizations and agencies dealing with developing world problems, in state administration and non-governmental organizations, especially at positions of executive and conceptual employees in charge of international projects. Their competences will also enable them to work in the enterprise sector, as employees responsible for multinational expansion of companies into the developing world as well as in the area of individual entrepreneurial activities in the developing world.  

This programme can also be studied in English.