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Master's degree

Study programme Regional Development

In the master programme of the study branch Regional Development, students gain knowledge and skills based on mastering theoretical and practical aspects of strategy forming together with conceptions of regional development in economic, environmental, demographic, social and other contexts.

The study programme forms preconditions of competences lying mainly in the abilities to apply and further develop knowledge based on the theory of social and territorial development while considering its global as well as regional context. Graduates will be able to evaluate and analyse tendencies and situations in particular regions using geographic and other information in practice. Trained specialists will be able to solve current problems requiring professional and special treatment. Those could be problems of economic, environmental or social character together with accompanying aspects.

Study programme International Territorial Studies

The aim of master study programme and its branch International Development Studies is to train professionals for active operation on individual level or team work based activities regarding the international development, focused mainly on the problems in developing regions and countries. Our graduates are able work as leading specialists and conceptual workers in international projects. The spectrum of gained knowledge and abilities of its application in solving the problems of developing countries with consideration of politics as well creates preconditions for successful employment in national or supranational institutions either of public administration or entrepreneurial sector.

The graduates further improve and gain knowledge in the fields of global problems of the developing world, fundraising and financing, socio-political geography, socio-economic demography, international law, global production networks including global environmental science, foreign policy and diplomacy.

Study programmes in Czech language are free of charge, student have to pass an entrance examination in Czech language.