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Student has the possibility to ask for different scholarships during studies. Basic document in this case represent the Scholarship rules where all types of scholarship, which can be provided to students, are specified including description of the request procedure. The most common scholarships are mentioned below.

Request for the excellent school results scholarship

(Written request)

See article 3 of the Scholarship rules:

"1. Scholarship for excellent school results from the previous academic year can be awarded to students if they accomplish following requirements:

a)     Pass exams from all registered subjects,

b)     Reach the annually set grade point average,

c)     Register to the higher grade or if graduate of the bachelor study programme to the 1st grade of the continuing master study programme,

d)     Apply for scholarship no later than one month after the registration to studies in the academic year that immediately follows.

2. Scholarship for excellent school results during the entire period of the study programme can be awarded if the final school result is "graduated with honours".

To the justification of the request put weighted grade point average from the subjects (including the failed ones) passed during the previous academic year and your account number for scholarship payment.

Request for the accommodation scholarship

(Electronic request -- application Request for the accommodation scholarship in the Student's portal, My studies bookmark)

See article 7 of the Scholarship rules:

1. The accommodation scholarship can be awarded to the student who:

a) Is a student of the bachelor, master or doctoral full-time study programme,

b) Study in the first study programme or in the continuing study programme, shifted from one study programme to another and the previous study was acknowledged to him (as shifting is meant to finish one study programme and to be admitted to another of the same or similar content); in the case of simultaneously studied study programmes the student is accounted just once and in the study programme where he was registered before; as a first study programme is not considered the study which was started and finished in the period from the 1st May to the 30th October in the same year as a study at the Mendel University in Brno,

c) He did not exceed the standard study period in the on-going study programme nor in any simultaneously studied study programmes,

d) Is not a student studying within the foreign development assistance (governmental scholars), and international agreements,

e) Not a student in the AKTION and CEEPUS programme,

f) Does not have permanent residence in the Brno-city district, is studying in Brno or Břeclav -- the place of study in the observed decisive period of the academic year is Lednice.

2. The basis for admitting of the accommodation scholarship is data ascertained from the database of joint information from the register of Ministry of education, youth and sports and from the University information system and the student's request for its acknowledgment containing account number which student submitted in the University information system.

3. The claim for accommodation scholarship is entitled to the student who accomplish the requirements for acknowledging of accommodation scholarship from the first day of the semester in which has the student begun his studies at the university.

4. Every student who accomplishes the requirements for acknowledging of the accommodation scholarship has the claim for it every month he was a student for more than half number of days.

Request for the social scholarship

(Written request --print of the request in the Request print application in Student's portal, My study bookmark)

See article 8 of the Scholarship rules:

1. Against the § 91 paragraph 2 letter d) of the law the social scholarship can be acknowledged to the student in stifling social conditions to be used for purchasing of books, learning texts and educational aid.

2. Against the § 91 paragraph 2 letter d) and paragraph 3 of the law the social scholarship will be acknowledged to the student on the basis of:

a) The request for social scholarship submitted at the Study department of the faculty or chancellor's office,

b) delivering of the original or verified copy of the written announcement published by the Social Security Administration to the Study department of the faculty or chancellor's office which acknowledged the allowance that the income of family inquired for the purpose of the allowance for the baby for the last calendar year mentioned in the certificate does not exceed the product of subsistence wage of the family and 1.50 coefficient.

3. Social scholarship will be acknowledged to the student during the standard period of studies every complete calendar month when he fulfilled the requirements for acknowledging of social scholarship. The claim to social scholarship does not occur in July and August.

4. Written request for social scholarship in the current academic year is submitted by student with all supplements mentioned above not later than the 31st of October. If the allowance for a child was not acknowledged to him till this date or he was not a student in this period, he can submit it at any time during the academic year. In this case the scholarship will be paid from the month in which the request was submitted.