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Requests to the Study Department

In the course of study, students can file requests at the study department. The basic document in this case is the Study and Examination Code.

Requests can be filed in two ways - electronically via the UIS (File an electronic request at the study department application, which is located in the Student Portal in "My Study" section) or a paper request delivered at the study department (by post, in person or throwing it in the letterbox by the study department). We prefer electronic requests, since these are processed faster and there is less administrative burden for all participants - students, study department and persons, whose statement is needed to approve or reject the request.

No matter if you file a paper or electronic form, you need to state your reasons and provide some proof of your claims.

Below is a list of requests including information you need to file them. Information on scholarship related requests can be found here.


Request to increase the amount of registration points

(electronic request form)


Study code article 11, par. 2


"For each student there is a set limit of registration points, which can be used to register subjects (this limit is equal to the total number of credits that can be gained during the whole course of study multiplied by 1,2). This limit can be changed by the dean on the basis of legitimate reasons."

In the request state your reasons, including the exact amount of required registration points and a list of subjects, for which you need the registration points.


Interuption of study request

(written request)


article 12, paragraph 1 and two of the Study and Examination Code


1.      A study can be interrupted on the basis of a student's request. This request will be approved, if the student has fulfilled the conditions for advancing into the next semester. If these conditions are not met, the decision will be made on the grounds of reasons stated in it. If the request is approved, new conditions to sign up for the semester immediately following the interruption of study may be set.  

2.      It is the dean who decides about the interruption of study. You can interrupt your study only for the period consisting of whole semesters. The total length of interruption must not be longer than half of the standard duration of study. Study can be interrupted repeatedly. In the request, state the period, for which you need to have your study interrupted, including the date, from when your study is to be interrupted. If it is not stated, the study will be interrupted (in case your request is approved) from the first day of a given period (e. g. if you want to have your study interrupted for the winter semester 2011/12, the study will be interrupted from 1st September 2011).




Prolongation of study request

(written request)

see article 12 of Study and Examination Code



Ending the interruption of study request

(written request)

see article 12, paragraph 3 of the Study and Examination Code


"Students can request the end of the study interruption in compliance with article 12, paragraph 2."


Credit acknowledgement Request

(written request)


see article 13 of the Study and Examination Code


"Acknowledgement of the completed parts of study"


1.      On the basis of their request, the dean can acknowledge subjects, which students had completed

a)      in previous study in the study programmes offered by the university or some of its faculties

b)      in the previous or parallel study at some university in the Czech Republic or abroad

c)      in the previous or parallel study in the lifelong learning programme

In addition to the subjects prescribed in the study plan, it is also possible to acknowledge subjects under a-c, if their syllabus includes requirements of a prescribed subject.

From the previous study, it is only possible to acknowledge subjects related to the study, for which they are to be acknowledged, obligatory or obligatory-optional, or other subjects specified by the dean. Previous study is such study, which was ended in compliance with the corresponding law.

2.    The dean is obliged to acknowledge all the ECTS credits that students acquired during a stay at a university abroad in compliance with the Learning Agreement formed for this purpose.

3.    Request in compliance with paragraph one or 2, with the exception of subjects completed in compliance with paragraph 1, section a), whose documentation is available in UIS, must be supplemented by

a)        verified transcript of records including the evaluation and number of credits

b)        syllabus of each subject verified by the university or its faculty and translated into Czech, if necessary complemented by a description of its incorporation in the study plan or study field, in which it was completed

4.        A subjected from previous study cannot be acknowledged, if the period of time elapsed from its completion is longer than five years.  

5.        If the subject is acknowledged, its credit value is acknowledged as well - the amount of granted credits corresponds to the credit value of the subject within the study programme offered by the university or its faculty.

6.        Credit value of subjects completed in the previous study will not be included in the amount of credits necessary to fulfil conditions to advance to the next semester.

            The latest term to hand in a Request to acknowledge credits from previous study is the period when students sign up  for the first semester of study in the study programme offered by the university or its faculty.

            The latest term to hand in a Request to acknowledge subjects from parallel study is the date when students sign up  for  study in the following semester.


Exemption from the required amount of credits request

(electronic or written request)


see article 11, paragraph 5 of the Study and Examination Code


"When students register subjects, they are obliged to follow the study plan of a given study programme or study field. To sign up for study in the 2nd semester, students must have at least 12 credits from the previous semester. To sign up for study in the following semester, with the exception of the last semester, they must have at least 40 credits from the previous two completed semesters. Exemption may be granted by the dean on the basis of legitimate reasons."


Request to cancel second registration of a subject

see article 14, paragraph 13 of the Study and Examination Code


"In special cases, students can cancel the registration of a subject. This possibility of a third registration can be used only twice during the study in a given study programme and it must be approved by the dean.  Should serious reasons for it arise, the dean can grant the students additional possibilities to register a subject."


Abandonment of Study announcement

(written request)

see article 15, paragraph 2 of the Study and Examination Code

Study is also ended when

a)      the student abandons the study, the abandonment of study is announced to the dean via a written statement

b)      the student does not fulfil the requirements set by their study programme in accordance with this Code (especially article 11, paragraph 5 and article 14, paragraph 13)

c)      the accreditation of a given study programme is revoked

d)     the accreditation of a given study programme expires

e)      the student is expelled from study

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