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Study Stay

Erasmus +

The Erasmus programme is as a part of Lifelong learning Programme focused on university education and specialized education at the university level. The programme is mostly meant for students, teachers and employees of the university institutions, but also for tutors from companies and other subjects.

The aim of the programme is support mutual relations and cooperation among universities in Europe, increase the level of transparency and compatibility of the university qualifications in Europe, improve the language education, inform about the educational systems in different countries and give education the European stature.


·           27 member states of EU: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain

·           ESVO countries, members of EHP: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

·           Candidates: Turkey

·           The list of partner universities can be found here.

Required documents for study mobility:

Printed and signed application form, motivation letter, list of courses to be studies abroad 

More information and required documents can be found here:

Required document for internship:

Printed and signed application form, motivation letter, acceptance letter from receiving institution, Traineeship agreement

More information and required documents can be found here:


4th April - 27th April 2018

4th round of tender for Erasmus + internship for period from 15th May 2018 till 15th September 2018 
4th April - 27th April 2018 1st round of tender for Erasmus + internship for period from 15th September 2018 till 15th September 2019
2nd May - 4th May 2018 The language exam
14th May 2018 Selection results


is internship university programme supporting cooperation among universities mostly in the Central European region on the basis of particular university networks. The cooperation in this programme contributes to European integration. The CEEPUS II international agreement updated the programme and prolongs it till 2009. Student and teacher stays are financed by CEEPUS programme if the student or teacher obtain grant from the hosting university in accordance to the amount of money set by National agency of the hosting university country. For further information about the grant visit (it is necessary to open the information about the concrete country). MENDELU pays students and teachers the return ticket against the rules set by our Nation agency. The student has to contact the department of foreign affairs of the chancellor's office before traveling abroad to sign the contract for pay out of the travel.

The contact person for CEEPUS at FRRMS is Mgr. RNDr. Pavel Ptáček, Ph.D.

The network to which FRRMS is connected: CIII-AT-0050-08-1213


Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Pristina/Kosovo

Bilateral agreements

Mendel University cooperates with foreign partners on student reciprocity mobility out of programmes financed by European Union on the basis of bilateral cooperation agreements and international agreements provided by MŠMT.

The cooperation is organized on reciprocity internships for one or two semesters where subjects completed abroad are added to the student's study plan.


Not restricted

The list of partner universities can be found here.

Work Placement

Erasmus +

Selection process is usually three times a year, in September and January with validity for the remaining part of the academic year, and in April with validity for next academic year. In case of sufficient funds the institutional coordinator may announce an extra call with validity for the remaining part of the academic year.

The selection procedure consists of:

-filing the application form

-acceptance letter

-motivation letter

- filing Traineeship agreement (can be found here

and taking the language exam.

Please note! The dates of the traineeship stated in the application form and the acceptance letter are binding.

The student is responsible for the selection of the receiving organization and for practical arrangements concerning the traineeship.

  • The receiving organization may be any public or private organization operating on the labour market or in the area of education, professional training or youth (public or private enterprise, public entity on the local, regional or national level, professional association, business union, research institute, foundation, non-profit organization, institute or educational centre etc.).
  • Unauthorised organizations, in which traineeships must not take place:

- EU institutions and other EU bodies including specialised agencies,

- organizations administering EU programmes (potential conflict of interests and/or double funding, e.g. national agencies)

If you have not found the traineeship provider, see:


Bilateral agreements

Placements in EU institutions

Green Jobs International

Search engine for jobs and placements in ecological branches (e.g. engineering, biotechnology, information technology, finance, protection of the environment and sustainable energy resources). The job and placement offers not only from the largest countries of the European Union but also from USA and Canada.