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Useful Links

International Relations Office

International Student Club ISC MENDELU

ISC MENDELU in Brno is an international student club at Mendelu in Brno. Our mission is to help all international students in all international programmes at our university. The club is led by MENDELU students and in close cooperation with international relations office and the rectorate, we organize a variety of events with a common goal, which is to support international community at Mendelu in Brno.

National Agency for European Educational Programmes

National Agency for European Educational Programmes as a part of House of International Services coordinates educational programmes of international cooperation. The Agency came into existence owing to the new generation of LLP programme 2007-2013 (Programme of Lifelong Learning), which absorbed activities of national agencies Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci.

The aim of NAEP is to create an information system about educational programmes in the EU and other international activities, it provides information and consulatory services dealing with national and international seminars and conferences, promotes Czech education abroad and publishes information materials.

House of International Services

House of International Services is an allowance organization founded by the Czech Ministry of Education, which performs tasks connected with estabilishing scholastic, educational and other international relations in accordance with the directives of the Ministry.

Academic Information Agency

This agency gathers, processes and dissiminates information about possibilities of education abroad for Czech citizens (especially university students, postgraduates and teachers), organizes selection procedures for scholarship stays abroad on the basis of international agreements, releases information about other scholarships offered outside of the intergovernmental agreements and other offers of study abroad, it participates in organizing educational and observational internships for elementary and middle school teachers (especially German speaking countries and France)

and acts as a national coordinator of the PESTALOZZI European Council programme for further education of teachers and educational employees.

Below is a list of foundations and funds offering scholarships for studying abroad.